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Physical Chemistry Capters 1 to 10 - Mac ONLY

Physical Chemistry Capters 1 to 10 - Mac ONLY

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Electronic edition of Physical Chemistry by Laidler, Meiser and Sanctuary

for Mac

This Physical Chemistry text book is now available in electronic format. We have preserved many of the popular features of the former hard copy editions and added many more. The changes made are to improve understanding of the concepts in addition to including some of the recent discoveries in physical chemistry. New sections have been added and several chapters have been greatly expanded. The chapter 15, statistical mechanics, has been completely rewritten.

Available in two modules.

    The eBook is divided into specific courses in Physical Chemistry. These modules are available at even greater savings.

    Contents of chapters 1 to 10.
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrolytes and Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Contents of chapters 11 to 19.
  • Quantum, Bonding and Spectroscopy
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Solids, Liquids and Transport Properties


FREE Solutions Manuals
 These contain the solutions to all the problems as worked out by students themselves. This peer learning model is a valuable asset for students. Check for up-dates. Rather than a CD at the end of a book, or having to go to a publisher's web site, all the multimedia is integrated into the eBook and opens on the relevant pages to allow the student to visualize many of the concepts. The user can listen to clear explanations and interact with the multimedia. These, along with the eBook, allow the student to grasp the more difficult concepts: giving him/her a well rounded way to learn and meet the modern needs of students who read and intereact with computers better than with hard copy text books.


The Physical Chemistry book and modules are officially supported on

Operating System:

MAC version:

The Mac version runs on all Mac OS and is identical to the PC version except the multimedia is not included.
Customers who want to run the multimedia on Apple computers can do so by using a Window's emulator for example virtualization solutions like virtualbox. Please visit our help page for MAC where we offer some likely solutions.

Table of Contents


1. The Nature of Physical Chemistry and the Kinetic Theory of Gases
2. The First Law of Thermodynamics
3. The Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics
4. Chemical Equilibrium
5. Phases and Solutions
6. Phase Equilibria
7. Solutions of Electrolytes
8. Electrochemical Cells
9. Chemical Kinetics I. The Basic Ideas
10. Chemical Kinetics II. Composite Mechanisms
Appendix A Units, Quantities, and Symbols: The SI/IUPAC Recommendations
Appendix B Physical Constants
Appendix C Some Mathematical Relationships
Appendix D Standard Enthalpies, Entropies, and Gibbs Energies of Formation
Appendix E Character Tables for Some Important Symmetry Groups in Chemistry
Hyperlinked Index


The Two half-eBook Modules

The eBook has also been divided into two smaller modules for Mac: the first half of the book, chapters 1 to 10, and the second half of the book, chapters 11 to 19. These modules are available at even greater savings.


    Tables of Content

    First Half Module

  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrolytes and Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Second Half Module

  • Quantum, bonding and spectroscopy
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Solids, Liquids and transport properties
An example of one of the many
figures that are found throughout
the eBook.

This eBook is developed by top professionals in multimedia education and technology. It has been designed with both students and teachers in mind. By combining resources (pdf, Flash) that are supported on most operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX and Linus), the result is the first truly electronic textbook with many enhancements and appealing features:

User-friendly interface allows for easy navigation

Fully linked Tables of Contents, topic and word searches.

All the appendix data, perodic table and other chemical resources readily available on every page of the eBook.

Fully integrated into The Web.

Beautiful and clear figures.

Much cheaper than hard copy textbooks, and the options of buying smaller modules at even greater savings.


Target audience

Covers all the traditional and modern topics in Physical Chemistry in undergraduate physical science programs.

We encourage sales to Universities, Institutions and Home Groups by providing Volume Discounts (found above in step 2). These provide even greater savings over our already low prices, compared to hard copy textbooks. 

Users: teachers

With the programs loaded on the teachers laptop, the material can be projected in class. In addition throughout the text are scattered about 100 multimedia interactions that pop-up. In class, using the Multimedia Table of Contents , these interactions can be used as demonstrations.

Easy navigation with all sections and subsections linked to the Table of Contents..

Integrated into The Web with ready links to websites like Wikipedia, Google search, More Chemistry Help, etc.

The multimedia pop-ups give students a chance to visualize and interact with programs that demonstrate different concepts.

The text provides detailed treatment of concepts that students often find challenging. Most of these are illustrated by worked examples.

eBooks are green and today students have grown up reading and interacting with computers. Students are not only comfortable with electronic media, but for ecological reasons alone, eBook must replace hard copy.

Users: Students

This eTextbook provides many more features than are possible with hard textbooks, and does this at a much reduced price. Although all the undergraduate topics in physical chemistry are covered, you may not need to take them all. For this reason, the textbook is broken into smaller modules that cover specific topics. This provides an even greater saving.

Easy navigation, convenient hyperlinking and many features that enhance your ability to find material easily so you can concentrate on learning.

Fully integrated into The Web, with links to Wikipedia, Google, More Chemistry Help, and other useful on-line resources.

Interesting and informative multimedia components are built into the book and pop-up when clicked so you can listen to explanations of the material you are working on, and perform interactions that will help you understand the concepts.

Extensive problems are provided that are an essential part of studying for Physical Chemistry. A full solution manual is available for free. This solution manual was written by students for students. It is well known that peer learning is effective, and therefore the worked-out problems provide a valuable tool for all those interested in understanding physical chemistry at the required level.

eBooks save trees.

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